Halloween 2022 - Day 01


Cael: Okay, I can't take it anymore.

Cael: Time to clean.

Drago: We've cleaned many times. It just keeps backfilling faster than we can empty it.

Drago: No helps to you...

Drago: And to top it off, the counter reset. Halloween is upon us.

Cael: I guess I can start sweeping with this here brush. Better than nothing.

Drago: Hate to break it to you, but that's not a brush.

Cael: Ack!

CyberRaven: Caw, Caw...

CyberRaven: Gather all birds

CyberRaven: Except you. You've overstayed your welcome.

CyberRaven: We ran out of room by mid October last year, and I can't imagine it will get better. It's high time that you all revert to your normal selves.

Even these?

CyberRaven: Yes, especially those horid things. They've been haunting my dreams for months.

Meow Mix: We've got some breaking news to tell you.

Meow Mix: Catskills and I are getting married.

Meow Mix: So you will need to move out.

Big Pumpy: Isn't the person getting married usually the one to move out?

Meow Mix: I don't recall that being the tradition.

Big Pumpy: Shucks

Meow Mix: Now, we need to start getting this place suitable for our liking.

Meow Mix: We've got a lot of work to do.

Catskills: By 'we', do you mean you and I?

Meow Mix: Hahaha!

Hedgekin: Curious. Very curious.

Hedgekin: It's almost like there's been some Halloween hijinx over the summer. Who starts that early?

Hogbug: Not sure. Are we going to mention these spooky licorice strips at all?

Hedgekin: Certainly not.

Hedgekin: For now, we await what the unholy mantel will provide.


Hedgekin: Rejoice, no calories!