Halloween 2022 - Day 02


Drago: Almost done. Just the worst of it now.

Cael: Tell me about it. This is never coming out of the carpet.

Meow Mix: Wonderful. Just the essentials now.

Meow Mix: I'd congratulate you, but you missed one thing, so it's all been in vain.

Meow Mix: This is quite the eyesore and the heaviest thing in here. Please remove it.

Meow Mix: Careful!

Catskills: *oof* You weren't lying.

Meow Mix: Did you break anything?

Catskills: In me, or the box?

Meow Mix: You'll heal. Furniture won't.

Catskills: Looks like it was filled with candy. Any good?

Meow Mix: The question's moot. 300 calories? Burn them out back please.

Hedgekin: Glorious fortune! These are back!

Hedgekin: I wonder what will grace us this year?

Hogbug: I thought the were released last year?

Hedgekin: Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Now help me out with the unwrapping.

Hedgekin: Adorable! It's a little kitty!

Hogbug: Pretty sure that's a bat.

Hedgekin: Even better!

Cael: NOW we're all done.


Jeeves: Salutations newcomers. Welcome to your new home...

Cael: You seriously don't remember us being here for the last year?

Jeeves: Certainly not. This place is too clean to have been lived in.

Jeeves: I've brought a housewarming gift.

Jeeves: From the kindness of my heart.

Cael: Wow. These are certainly something. So large and take up so much room. Almost like we cleaned up just to refill it with more stuff.

Cael: What's the catch.

Jeeves: Oh, no catch. Nothing at all...

Cael: A likely story. And he didn't even arrange them in the right order.