Halloween 2022 - Day 03


Hedgekin: Voodoo? Do I sense a theme beginning?

Hogbug: Perhaps, but it's not spelled the same.

Hedgekin: Shame. Off to the rubbish bin then.

Drago: 30? Did we forget to change the numbers yesterday?

Cael: I'm changing it from 30. Calm down.

Cael: I wouldn't forget such a thing. Not with these hulking space wastes reminding me.

Cael: I'll just cram them into the corner here nicely.

Jeeves: Ah, you're making room. Excellent.

Cael: Making room? Please don't tell me...

Jeeves: All new spaces need a little pizzazz.

Cael: And where, pray tell, are we going to fit this?

Jeeves: Somewhere. I have faith in you.

Big Pumpy: Only a few days living on the streets, but we found a place at long last.

Sands O'Time: It's a little cramped, but at least it keeps the rain and rats out.

Big Pumpy: And I mist admit, I'm partial to the interior design.

Sands O'Time: Perhaps I spoke too soon about the vermin.

Big Pumpy: Nonsense, they're fun party hats. How do I look?

Sands O'Time: Fantastic. We're on our way up to the top, my friend.

Sands O'Time: Things are looking up.

CyberRaven: Why does it still feel crowded in here, despite mysteriously losing a few of our ranks.

Drago: Little to the right...other right.

Cael: Stop! Just hang it somewhere. I'll have my back to it the whole month anyway.

Drago: Sonny, make sure that line is secure.

Drago: Don't need to get strangled in the night.

Cael: Least it didn't take up floor space.

Drago: The month is young.