Halloween 2022 - Day 04


Meow Mix: It's high time we embraced the alternate colors for Halloween.

Catskills: Green and Yellow?

Meow Mix: Certainly not. Blue and Purple.

Catskills: Don't you think these will clash with our current setup?

Meow Mix: No, we'll just lay them over the existing leaves.

Meow Mix: And why did you just lay these down in a row. They're taking up valuable space. I swear, I'd just do it myself if it didn't mean I'd have to do it.

Hedgekin: Back in business baby.

Hogbug: Don't leave me hanging. What is it today?

Hedgekin: Appears to be another bat.

Hogbug: The same one?

Hedgekin: No, some sort of palette swap.

Hogbug: Huh, you're right. Gives it a whole new look.

Hogbug: You sure we can't peek at the list? They're right there, littering the floor.

Hogbug: Of course not. We've established that it's forbidden to have advanced knowledge.

Drago: Got some bad news.

Drago: Looks like this one is still functioning years later.

Drago: But this one went ka-put.

Cael: Can't we just swap out batteries?

Drago: No can do. It's those weird watch ones.

Big Pumpy: Sweet sustenance.

Sands O'Time: You sure this is okay to eat? They look like pills.

Big Pumpy: They're the official color of Halloween.

Sands O'Time: Green and Yellow?

Big Pumpy: No Orange. Nothing bad has ever been orange.

Big Pumpy: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...