Halloween 2022 - Day 05


Jeeves: Zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom. I'll rolling in your room.

Jeeves: Let's spend the day together...

Cael: ...will you leave? Never...

Jeeves: No need to be rude.

Cael: I would if you wouldn't keep dropping by.

Cael: On my foot no less.

Jeeves: Well you should have been more careful. Anyway. I come bearing gifts. He's a cutie.

Cael: A virus? Have you no good sense?

Jeeves: It's the gift that keeps on giving, the whole month long.

CyberRaven: Caw! I Caw a meeting.

Very clever...

CyberRaven: Shut up you. We have some grave concerns to cover.

CyberRaven: I've found some rather dangerous pills on the ground. And trust me, it wasn't easy since birds can't see orange.

I can!

CyberRaven: Shut up you. We need to find the source.

CyberRaven: And I'm going to start with this wall which has mysteriously made our living space much smaller.

Hedgekin: Devilishly devious.

Hogbug: Definitely dashing...

Hedgekin: Enough alliteration. This one will go nicely with our others.

Hogbug: Others? I threw those out days ago to make room.

Hedgekin: Curses. It may not matter in the end though.

Hogbug: Why not?

Hedgekin: It's been tampered with. There's only that blue dust that will give you the aftermath of eating a Spooky Whopper.

Hogbug: Disgustang...