Halloween 2022 - Day 06


Drago: I've got good news and bad news. Which first?

Cael: How about just the good news and we'll forget about the rest?

Drago: Sorry, doesn't work that way. I've found batteries for the broken nightlight.

Drago: But nothing in the way of a screwdriver to open it.

Cael: Eh, you win some, you lose some.


Cael: What's going on here?

Drago: Looks like Fall has Falln

Cael: It's 'fallen' you dolt.

CyberRaven: Ah ha! Caught red handed.

CyberRaven: I knew we had squatters, and contrary to the popular saying, they do not indeed have rights.

CyberRaven: Care to explain yourselves?

Big Pumpy: We's just found this place and it didn't look like anyone was using it, is all.

CyberRaven: The large lantern in your way didn't tip you off?

Big Pumpy: Well it moved aside so easily, I figured it was no harm done.

CyberRaven: Well this is very inconvenient. Please be gone within the hour.

Hedgekin: Elvira?

Hogbug: Perhaps, but likely just a superficial facsimile for legal reasons.

Hogbug: Least she can stand up on her own.

Hogbug: Which is more than I can say about the second bat.

Meow Mix: Here kitty, kitty.

Meow Mix: That's a nice kitty.

Meow Mix: You're the cutest kitty I've even seen.