Halloween 2022 - Day 07


Drago: They're fine and all, but just sort of seem autumnal in the most general sense.

Drago: Might be best in November. Now's the time for more traditional Halloweeny treats.

Cael: Why are you complaining about it to me?

Cael: That just appeared here this morning. I have no idea where it came from.

Drago: That's strange. Hope they're not spoiled. I'm not feeling so hot.

Cael: I can tell. You're not looking so great either.

Drago: What do you mean?


CyberRaven: Oh, I'm in a wide open spaaaace...

CyberRaven: Glad we got that squatter business settled.

May we interject?

CyberRaven: I suppose...

Our ranks seem to be diminishing.
By two to be exact.

CyberRaven: This development is very beneficial, personally, but I suppose concerning all the same. Where could they have gone.

Big Pumpy: Off to the great unknown again, eh buddy?

Big Pumpy: Where do you think we'll end up?

Sands O'Time: To be honest, I'm having second thoughts on all this. Perhaps we can go back and try to reason with Meow Mix. It's not fair that we got cast out.

Big Pumpy: Hold that thought. I think we have the solution to our problems.

Sands O'Time: That's a fly...

Big Pumpy: Indeed, but I feel drawn into trusting him with my life.

Big Pumpy: Onward to salvation!