Halloween 2022 - Day 08


Hedgekin: Is this what they call the 'Big Box'?

Hogbug: I believe that term refers to VHS tapes, but this is a magnificent treat nonetheless.

Hedgekin: And we're ages 3+. Success! Let's open it up.

Hedgekin: I think this just leaves one question.

Hedgekin: One per day, or open them all at once?

Hogbug: Oh definitely all at once. I can't be that patient. Plus we may not receive anything else in the mean time.

Hedgekin: Well, I have to admit. I'm disappointed in the variety. Only four uniques...

Hedgekin: ...from six eggs out of eight possibilities.

Hedgekin: This is a grave injustice. And not graves like spooky Halloween time goodness either!

Hogbug: And I count a total of seven items somehow. Insult to injury.

Meow Mix: Did you do that shopping run, I asked?

Catskills: The one for...personal women's...stuff...?

Meow Mix: Yes, that's the one.

Catskills: I did what I could given the inherent crippling social anxiety.

Meow Mix: Ghoul friend? I'd have thought I meant more than that by now.

Catskills: It's literally all they had.

Meow Mix: I suppose we'll let the man of the house decide that.