Halloween 2022 - Day 09


Jeeves: There. I think that looks about right.

OwlPatch: Maybe a little more to the right.

OwlPatch: Yeah. That looks good now.

Cael: What is going on here?

Cael: And why are you in our living space?

Jeeves: I'm simply helping to clarify which stops are approved for Trick or Treating this year. It's merely a courtesy.

Cael: And do we have a say in whether or not we're required to buy and dole out candy?

Jeeves: You never read the lease agreement, did you?

Meow Mix: No, no, no!

Meow Mix: This will not do!

Catskills: I picked the wrong one again?

Catskils: This was all that was left.

Meow Mix: The scent is fine, it's the lies that I will not stand for.

Catskils: What lies?

Meow Mix: You said Ghoul Friend was the only one in stock. Clearly there was another!

Hogbug: Nope...

Hedgekin: A negative verdict, I take it?

Hogbug: One would assume that it was Marshmallow flavored. Instead, we get a vague fruity taste.


Hedgekin: Oh wow. A pumpkin mixed with one of those characters from the WWF.

Hogbug: No, no. We can't use WWF anymore. It's WWE.

Hedgekin: What?! For how long?

Hogbug: 20 Years now!