Halloween 2022 - Day 10


CyberRaven: This has been bugging me for far too long now.

CyberRaven: I have to know if the batteries are still good.

CyberRaven: Well, will wonders never cease...

CyberRaven: Crisis averted. I'd never have been able to swap them out otherwise.

Cael: And let this be your last warning.

Cael: We don't tolerate early Trick or Treating!

Cael: Now begone!

Drago: A little hard on them? They're just kids after all.

Cael: What's gotten into you? Seem to be getting a bit soft in your old age.

Drago: Just been thinking about life and everything, you know...

Hedgekin: A bit small for today's arrival. And not very seasonal.

Hogbug: I think we may be okay on a technicality. They appear to be thematically colored in addition to the packaging.

Hogbug: It's not much, but I'll take it.

Hedgekin: Well...waste no time. Open them up!

Hedgekin: Success! I mean if you like festive rabbit droppings.


Sands O'Time: We've been following the fly for days now, and I feel we're only getting closer to whatever horrid stench that is ahead.

Big Pumpy: Keep the faith. I know our newfound friend won't lead us astray.

Sands O'Time: Well, he did lead us somewhere...

Sands O'Time: ...but I'm not entirely sure I would call this home.