Halloween 2022 - Day 11


Drago: Been a while...

Batticus: Yeah, things are a bit nutty at the moment.

Cael: Well, considering your checkered past, to what do we owe the dishonor?

Batticus: Hey now. I'm just the messenger. Don't shoot and all that stuffs.

Cael: If that's what you brought, then no promises.

Cael: What on Earth is this monstrous deformity?

Batticus: Something to grow...take care of...love... I dunno. Just the messenger, remember?

Hedgekin: Sigh, just not our day, is it?

Hogbug: Seems not. Least she stands up.

Hedgekin: True, but only in the sphere. Doesn't do much good since we can't have those all over the place for every malformed pair of legs we receive.

Hedgekin: Hey! You feel up for some shananigans?

Hogbug: Surely. Shall we?

Hedgekin: We shall!

Hedgekin: Take a gander over here. Got these on clearance.

Hedgekin: I think I know the perfect place for them.

Hey, we got something weird in the corner.

CyberRaven: Can't you see that I'm quite busy?

Still might want to break off the 1000 yard stare and check it out.