Halloween 2022 - Day 12


Hedgekin: How long has the Bird of Staring been here?

Hogbug: Pretty much the entire month.

Hedgekin: Really...?

Hedgekin: I should really face the other direction once in a while.

*Ploop* *Ploop* *Ploop*


Hogbug: Well this is perplexing. Candy or toys?

Hedgekin: Time will tell on that front. In the mean time, these color mismatches are going to drive me crazy!

Catskills: One little addition won't hurt...

Catskills: It's a small pet. Shouldn't be much fuss.






*Chomp Chomp*

Meow Mix: What have you brought upon us?!

Catskills: Uh oh. The green eyes are never a good sign.

Drago: Still haven't started that yet?

Cael: I know I should, but the body is unwilling...and mind...and anything else.

Cael: Sigh, guess we should get this over with. Hmm...a pellet?

Cael: What does that mean?

Cael: Gross. I don't think I can bear to watch this dissolve.

Cael: Let's call in the slave labor.

CyberRaven: Still a mess in here. Time for the compost bin to go. Probably shouldn't have kept it indoors to begin with.

CyberRaven: Rid me of this menacing eyesore.

Guess this is the best place of any.

Let's drop it off and get back. I feel like I'm going to grow a new head if I stick around much longer.

That says a lot for shapeshifters too.

Big Pumpy: Eyz gyuiz. We have visitors!

You live here now?

Big Pumpy: It's a roof over our head.

Sands O'Time: Actually, that's the one thing we still lack.

Big Pumpy: That's true, but what we lack in basic shelter, we make up for in friendship.

You really need some serious help.