Halloween 2022 - Day 13


*Bzz Bzz*

Sands O'Time: Least the fly has something to eat.

Big Pumpy: Well tecnically we could too. Just depends on your gag reflex.

Sands O'Time: Are we really going to stay here long term. Let's go storm our apartment and take it back.

Big Pumpy: Not a good plan. Things like that come back to haunt you for years.

Big Pumpy: So, I was saving these spiders for decorations, but I suppose we could make a quick snack.

Sands O'Time: I think we're going to die here.

Hedgekin: Teeth!

Hedgekin: And some packet of goo.

Hogbug: Hey, how do I look?

Hedgekin: Not good! Dare me to eat the contents of this?

*Ploop* *Ploop*

*Ploop* *Ploop* *Ploop* *Ploop*

Hedgekin: What's going on?

*Ploop* *Ploop* *Ploop* *Ploop* *Ploop* *Ploop*

Hedgekin: It's not stopping!

Hedgekin: Ahhhhhh!

Catskills: Why is this still sitting on the floor?

Catskills: And why am I the one in trouble?

Meow Mix: You need to learn a lesson for scaring little kitty.

Catskills: But...but...

Drago: How many days does it take now?

Cael: It said minutes, but I guess 2,880 is still technically true.

Cael: And I know that at some point down the road, I'll forget to avoid using that cup to drink something.