Halloween 2022 - Day 16


Jeeves: Yes, this will do nicely. Very nicely indeed.

Big Pumpy: Oh hey. Didn't see you come in. Did you come to visit?

Big Pumpy: It has been rather dull here, so any company is most welcome.

Jeeves: Jack...

Big Pumpy: Call me BP.

Jeeves: Jack...I have to level with you. I need someone reliable who has no social obligations other than remaining here.

Big Pumpy: I certainly fit the bill. I never go anywhere!

Drago: There, all lined up in equity or inclusiveness or something.

Cael: Yes, yes. Good. Although the 19th century nomenclature probably wasn't needed.

Cael: On to more pressing matters. We have an activity booklet. Gone are our days of ceaseless boredom.

Drago: Came with a sticker pack. It has some merit.

Cael: And games. Can you spot the matching cats?

Drago: I can't!

Cael: Best of all, there's no supplies needed. And little mess, save for the tiny black shavings that will certainly make me think something else was dropped off when I find them later on.

Drago: Hey, you're not filling the leaves in evenly!

Cael: It's crosshatching you hack!