Halloween 2022 - Day 17


Drago: I do like that the old logo came back.

Cael: Agreed, very comforting.

Cael: It is rather disheartening to see McDonald and Wendys going all modernist on us.

Drago: Is that why you've bought this in protest?

Cael: No, there's been a new developement in the Halloween fast food market.

Drago: Why do I feel like we're going to get an unpleasent surprise in 48 hours?

Cael: Fear not. I don't think the orange food coloring will have quite the same effect.

Cael: I present, the Ghost Pepper Whopper...

Drago: Well, I've learned my ghost pepper lessons, so count me out. And what's all this inside?

Cael: First: I don't know. Second: stop peeling apart things I'm about to eat. Very rude.

Catskills: Finally some me time.

Catskills: Haha, piggies. What will they think of next?

Catskills: There's even a pig-o-lantern! Okay, looks like I need to find some of the hidden shapes.

Catskills: Cheese and party hats? That doesn't feel in keeping with the season. Ah well, it's a release.

Catskills: But why do I feel like that's coming to an abrupt end?

Hedgeskin: And survey says...

Hogbug: A deafening void.

Hedgeskin: What? This has never happened

Hogbug: Yes it did. Two years ago.