Halloween 2022 - Day 19


Cael: Finally! Found a screwdriver small enough for thee tiny screws.

Drago: Took you long enough. Least the working lamp was on my side.

Cael: I was enjoying the mood lighting--or lack thereof--but it will be nice to have things in working order. Not thrilled about this needing three batteries though.

Cael: And that spring-loaded action wasn't a welcome surprise.

Drago: Aren't you even going to test it before reassembling it all back together?

Cael: Nah. I have faith. Hey! Oh ye of little faith.

Hedgekin: Pez! I love that stuff. What does Pez mean anyway?

Hogbug: Pezasaurus...

Hedgekin: Of course!

Hogbug: You feeling brave enough to try and load one of these?

Hedgekin: Sure. I love living on the edge.

Hedgekin: There we go. Almost in...


Hedgekin: Ah, it was a trap!

I see this as a positive

CyberRaven: Extra eyeballs growing out of thin air...is not a positive!

Least they're slightly more realistic.

CyberRaven: Again...not a positive.

No, no. These will be of great use to us.

We can absorb them for nutrients.

CyberRaven: That's horrific. Why is it making such a gross slurping sound?

CyberRaven: And why is this still on?

It's been like that since you tested it.

CyberRaven: Great! Now I need to find a screwdriver.