Halloween 2022 - Day 20


Drago: Maybe you should check in on that plant project.

Drago: Seems to have grown a bit.

Cael: Yeah, a bit more than a bit.

Cael: I honestly didn't think it would even sprout.

Cael: That said, we seem to have more pressing concerns.

Jeeves: Don't mind me. Just sprucing up the place.

Jeeves: Not with actual spruce, mind you. Bats are more appropriate at this time.

Cael: There's nothing appropriate about this at all!

CyberRaven: There's nothing appropriate about this at all!

Don't blame me for this. You know I can't reach the ceiling.

CyberRaven: None of us can. At least we got the pumpkin lights back in order.

Speaking of which, I got you a suprise in the same vein. Not actual veins, mind you, even if that would be appropriate at this point in time.

It lights up.

CyberRaven: Poison?

It means fish in Spanish!

Hedgekin: Looks like the Paqui Chips are multiplying.

Hogbug: Huh...? Where did those come from?

Hedgekin: Interesting runic pattern on the side.

Hogbug: For sure. Must be German.

Hedgekin: Don't suppose we should give it much more of our attention. The latest arrives.

Hogbug: Another haunted house. A reskin, but I won't complain. Looks like the lights are on.

Hedgekin: But no one's home...

Hogbug: I can relate.