Halloween 2022 - Day 21


Sands O'Time: People keep leaving their garbage here.

Big Pumpy: Well, it is the place for it.

Sands O'Time: But it's just getting a bit much. And why are eyeballs being discarded? I thought medical waste was its own thing.

Sands O'Time: We're even being excluded from social gatherings.

Whobert: Pardon me. I'm looking for a Jack.

Big Pumpy: That's me.

Sands O'Time: Your name is Jack?

Big Pumpy: Nope.

Whobert: Confusing as that may be, I've come to issue a grave warning.

Whobert: You're all in grave danger.

Sands O'Time: You've said 'grave' twice. I think you need to brush up on your synonyms.

Drago: Correction. The bats weren't the worst inconvenience.

Cael: What? I can't hear through all this sound dampening.

Drago: I can't hear you either.

Cael: Then how did you know I was talking...oh hey, the bucket is full of animals.

Cael: Perhaps 'two' doesn't really constitute being 'full', but I'm quite happy with this doggy.

Drago: Mine, a bit less so.

Hedgekin: This will be a good one. I can sense it.

Hedgekin: I was right!

Meow Mix: Well, things are looking up.

Meow Mix: Perhaps we may be rounding a bend.

Meow Mix: This one fits our decor quite nicely.

Meow Mix: You may return to your doodles for now.