Halloween 2022 - Day 22


Drago: Wow, down to the single digits already...assuming we didn't mess up the numbering by now.

Cael: Yeah, went fast.

Cael: Which will likley be a good thing if this keeps growing the rate it's at.

Owlpatch: Delivery! Delivery!

Cael: We didn't order anything.

Owlpatch: Good thing you're not in a country with customs duties then!

Cael: That sticker is ominous. Wonder what's inside?

Drago: Quite possibly the mose eclectic grouping of Halloween items I've ever seen.

Cael: Perhaps, but I've been wanting a 1994 McBoo poster all of my life.

Drago: The 1994 one specifically?

Cael: Sure...

Cael: I have a few reservations about the Freddy's Nightmares OST. The cover seems like something we shouldn't have on display when high society stops by.

Drago: Just stash it in the back somewhere, and take a look at the trick or treat baggie. It's like the ones old ladies give away during the one night a year they have human contact.

Drago: And...Blueberry coffee. I have no words.

Cael: I'm not picky at this point. Start the brew so I can try to make it through the day.

Hedgekin: Drumroll please...

Hogbug: Blrllrlrblrblrbrlrb...

Hedgekins: Tur-dah! Oh the devil tips his hat to me.

Hedgekins: Because I'm eeeeeevil.

Hogbug: Seems like a special one. I'll still stash him away, but in the front of the clutter out of respect.