Halloween 2022 - Day 23


Cael: Wow, this is growing out of control. I haven't even watered it today.

Drago: Today?

Cael: Fine...ever.

Cael: Anyway, what's today's task?

Drago: Some sort of craft, if I had to guess.

Drago: The good news is that is't not complicated in the slightest. That's a win for us...a rare one.

Cael: Least it's relatively small, and we can put stuff in it to save space.

Drago: I wouldn't celebrate too early. The second half, isn't going to do us any favors.

Cael: And I see it's getting put to use already.

Drago: What?

Drago: Oh for...

Catskills: A good gift, no?

Meow Mix: It's...

Meow Mix: It's...

Meow Mix: Well the kitty likes it.

Hedgekins: Brains, brains, the magical fruit!

Hogbug: Brains on top of crystal skulls. We're reaching conspiracy theories, never thought possible.

Hedgekins: Filled with a delicious jelly. The ancient aliens sure never saw this coming.