Halloween 2022 - Day 24


Hogbug: Why is there an autumn leaf in our midst?

Hedgekin: We have untidy neighbors. They'll need a stern reminder to be more considerate.

Hogbug: Hmm, didn't we get one of these already>?

Hedgekin: No. I believe it's was a mistress of the night or something scandalous. This appears to either be a normal witch or just bedtime pajamas for a sleepover.

Hogbug: Perchance to dream.


Sand's O'Time: I'm not going to even say it, but you can see the evidence plain as day.

Catskills: Hey guys. Thought I heard rumors you were hanging out here.

Big Pumpy: Hey, I remember you. You're the reason we're here.

Catskills: The offer stands to trade places.

Big Pumpy: Haha, sure it does. We'll just go ask the missus.

Big Pumpy: She'll love the rich and vibrant fauna this place offers.

Catskills: Is everyone around here this sarcastic?