Halloween 2022 - Day 25


Hedgekin: Bye, thanks for stopping by.

Hedgekin: Oh dear, my voice cracked like an 11-year old boy in New Mexico

Hedgekin: Proto-memes aside, I'm quite underwhelmed at today's offering.

Hogbug: It's not quite the same when the special edition comes first, right?

Hedgekin: Agreed, looks rather disappointing when plced together. I'm regretting the place of prominence.

CyberRaven: Cawing all birds.

CyberRaven: The latest threat has resulted in extreme measures.

CyberRaven: No one is to go past this very official warning tape.

CyberRaven: It's our last line of defense.

Drago: I wonder why this tree is so sad.

Drago: Maybe it's not being watered enough...

Cael: I'll have you know that I've taken my horticulture very serious in the past few hours. I believe this just needs some mood lighting. Not that I've learned to avoid grabbing the open flame directly.

Cael: See, it's a happy little tree.