Halloween 2022 - Day 27


Hedgekin: Good to see you. Glad you could stop by.

Midge: We were just here days ago.

Hedgekin: Yes, well welcome back then.

Hogbug: Not to be pushy, but this isn't a social call. We need your assistance.

Hedgekin: Jellybeans...scavenger hunt eggs...I think you get the picture.

Midge: On a basic level, sure. But what's the point?

Hedgekin: Eggs don't have point silly.

Midge: I meant, the purpose of this.

Hedgekin: You'll see soon enough. Just when you're done, we'll need you to deliver them.

Hedgekin: You ready to pass these out?

Midge: Nope. We're farming that part out to a third party.

Pumpathan: Hey fatheads! Got a delivery for you.

Cael: No, no. We'll have nothing from the likes of you.

Pumpathan: No can do. Strict orders to have these passed out. Or else...

Cael: Or else what?

Pumpathan: I'll let you use your imagination.

Pumpathan: Knock, knock. Where's the man of the house?

Catskills: I believe that would be me.

Pumpathan: Haha, good one soyboy. Where's the ol' ball and chain?

Meow Mix: I can't decide if that's an insult or a term of empowerment.

Pumpathan: It's anything you want in [current year] toots. Now here's an egg.

Meow Mix: Please leave.

Pumpathan: Should I just squawk at you and hope you understand me?

We're fluent in bird, English, and Spanish

Pumpathan: Hola

I have no idea what that means

Pumpathan: Wow, what a dump.

Big Pumpy: Well it is, but it's home.

Pumpathan: Gross

Pumpathan: I'm dropping this off, but you can't open it until Halloween. Gotcha?

Sands O'Time: Isn't an Easter Egg effigy sort of offensive?

Pumpathan: We're three levels deep on subverting Easter at this point. Just keep the thing safe, eh?