Halloween 2022 - Day 28


Hedgekin: I've lost track...new or old?

Hogbug: Both, sort of. Seems to be another variant.

Hogbug: Sort of a sparkle to it.

Cael: It's killing me. What's inside?

Drago: Can it really be anything interesting? Sure the delivery was a bit suspect, but I'm not sure I can bring myself to care with such little time left.

Cael: Sounds like something small rattling around inside. My OCD will never let this go.

Cael: But you're probably right. It'll just be somethign anti-climatic.

Cael: Enjoy your new home in the weeds.

CyberRaven: What are you doing? That's disgusting!

CyberRaven: Not to mention, unsanitary.

Right, like you've never nested before.
What sort of bird do you call yourself?

CyberRaven: The eggs usually come out, not sucked back in. And not ever so casually.

Meow Mix: Hey little kitty, kitty. You're so pretty, pretty.

Meow Mix: Ah, these will do nicely. Hold this for me.

Meow Mix: Can't say I don't have a little Halloween spirit. I'm sure we can spookify things up a bit for the final few days.

Meow Mix: Expecially if they fit the theme.

Catskills: May I move, or am I a standing prop until the 31st?

Meow Mix: You're as useful as you've even been. Just stay centered, or it will drive me crazy.