Halloween 2022 - Day 30


Hedgekin: Saving the best for last!

Hogbug: Indeed it is. Perfect Halloween icon, and it stands up on its own to boot!

Hedgekin: Amazing how things balanced out with candy and treats to fill in the gaps.

Hogbug: Yes, yes. Amazing. I figure we can cheat and look at the checklist now. I think we got them all. Odd how the repaints sometimes get their own name, while other times it's just considered a variation.

Hedgekin: Got some bad news on my end.

Hedgekin: We're missing the Glow in the Dark edition. Curse our standard release!

Hedgekin: Aw, I still love you buddy.

Cael: Salvation is upon us, mon friend.

Drago: Still one more day, but I'll take the win.

Drago: Which is good considering the state of things.

Cael: Yeah, we didn't really end up with a good aesthetic this round. The plant ended up ugly too.

Drago: And whose fault is that?

CyberRaven: Where did all these extra eggs show up? We've got a brood going on.

That's a delicate conversation that I'm not sure you're quite ready for.

We're just making up for our reduction in numbers.

CyberRaven: I'm making some omelettes tonight.

Meow Mix: When did this happen? Don't we have any sort of security system?

Meow Mix: Hello? Catskills?

Catskills: I'm right, still, here.

Meow Mix: Well, that's not much help then.


Big Pumpy: A party. A great big party.

Big Pumpy: That should do the trick.

Big Pumpy: We have all this space, and this grand establishment.

Big Pumpy: Surely, we'll draw a crowd and this will be the hip place to be.

Big Pumpy: And, just...

Big Pumpy: There were certainly much less as of last night.