Halloween 2022 - Day 31


Trick 'r Treat!

Where is everyone? I think we have the right day.

Well they kicked us out before.
Can't say they'd be in the mood to see us again.

Hogbug: Candy Sticks? How very PC.

Hedgekin: I concur. This just doesn't fit the holiday spirit, does it?

Hedgekin: I think you know what to do.


Hedgekin: Welcome to the 80s. Survive if you can.

Trick 'r ...

Seriously? Noone?

Catskills: I'm here. I'll grab you something.

Why is noone around?


Big Pumpy: Welcome to the party everyone!!!111

Big Pumpy: Thank you all for coming on such short notice, and on such an important day.

Big Pumpy: I'm sure you all had some big plans that were put on hold.

Big Pumpy: And others needed to perform bilogical fission somehow.

Tanzwut: It's good to get a break from the chimeric relationship.

Big Pumpy: We have games, crafts, refreshements.

Pumpathan: Well Mr. Birdy, looks like you lose. '8' is my lucky number.

Big Pumpy: And I appreciate that you all brought your pumpkin eggs. I know we were supposed to wait until the big day to open them.

Big Pumpy: See, Sands. This all works out in the end.

Holy Macaroni!

Hedgekin: Yes children. Experience the unfiltered glory of our youth. Untainted by modern sensibilities.

You sure these are legal?

Hedgekin: Oh youth. You have so much to learn.

Jeeves: The days of the eggs. Time to collect.

Jeeves: Yet no one is here. What is going on?

Jeeves: And would it kill them to water their plants?

Pumpathan: '8' once more. I win again.

Jeeves: Psst. The eggs are missing. Our plans are about to falter.

Pumpathan: Oh those? They're accounted for.

Pumpathan: They brought them all here for some reason.

Pumpathan: Which actually works out in our favor to be honest.

Owlboy: Why are the games still wrapped. How are we supposed to play them?

Meow Mix: It's to keep them in good condition, like your grandma's couch.

Owlboy: Well that's no fun.

Corvax: You are one funny looking duck.

Drago: Hey great party. I had my doubts, but it narrowly beats out the litter box back at home.

Cael: I must agree. Smells only slightly less worse.

Big Pumpy: And thank you all for coming too. Whoever you are.

Kuse: We were actually trying to find Legotron and figured a dump might be a good place to look. Why are you throwing a party here?

Mista Snowman: To celebrate the end of Halloween and the beginning of Christmas!

Owlboy: Guys. Did you hear that?

Owlboy: It's like a tiny squeeking noise.


*Pop* *Pop* *Pop*

Jeeves: It has begun. You know what to do.

Pumpathan: Yes master.

Big Pumpy: What has begun? Please don't harsh my mellow.

Pumpathan: Oh harshing, whatever that is, will be the least of your worries. You do remember the gnomes, do you not?

Big Pumpy: I do, but it's been a while.

Cael: Come alone? Where's the armadillo this time?

Drago: Oh it's here. Don't you worry.

Meow Mix: Hey, stop pushing. Tell them to get these furries off my back.

Meow Mix: I don't want any inappropriate contact.


Sands O'Time: Heads up. I see more trouble appearing.



Jeeves: Please remain seating for the coming of the king.

Jeeves: Any time now...



At long last

King: My slumber is over

King: Although I expected slightly better accomodations.

Drago: Who are you, and why are you appearing at the 11th hour?

King: I am the King of Halloween, and I grow weary of this holiday.

King: Costumes, and decorations, and carvings. It's all so trivial and bothersome.

King: I've decided to end it all. After tonight, Halloween will be no more!

King: Now charge the mystical ingredients, so we may proceed.

Tanzwut: Should we interfere and save the day again?

Corax: Nah, I'm on his side on this one actually.

Cael: That's low mister. If I had a rubber hose right now, I'd--


Cael: Would you be careful, please?

King: Ask yourselves. Would it really be that bad?

King: No more clutter, no more obligations. Free to spend the month like any other.

Drago: Okay, maybe I am on board.

But wait, Mr. King.

Halloween holds a certain magic. Us kids look forward to it every year.

Without it...we'd loose a special part of childhood...

King: Oh children. You know nothing of what it takes to give you that magic. Credit card bills, trip to Target starting in July, candy made from various beetle extracts.

But it's a sacrifice to build out memories. Ones that will follow us for the rest of our lives.

And eventually we repay the favor with the next generation.

King: Your words...soften me. Perhaps you're right. We've all been given so much. It's only right that we give some of it back, even if it doesn't benefit us any longer.

And by the way, why do you smell like burnt menthol?

I'm living my best life

King: Understandable. I'm up to several packs a day, myself.

King: Well then. I must thank you for showing me the error of my ways.

King: From now on, Halloween will reclaim its righteous place in the minds of the zeitgeist or something.

Drago: He's distracted. Make your move now!




Cael: He already gave up. Was that really needed?

Meow Mix: Why risk it?

Cael: Yeah, I suppose.

Big Pumpy: The day is saved!

Owlboy: So what do we do with all the henchmen that played little to no part?

Big Pumpy: They can enjoy the party too.

Big Pumpy: Happy Halloween everyone!


Catskills: I thought I was going to get a redemption arc.

Meow Mix: Better luck next year.