Halloween 2023 - Day 03


Batticus: Trick or treat...

Batticus: Smell my...

Drago: Just get on with why you're here.

Batticus: I come bearing gifts. I've given them, and now I must go. Let me know if I can remove any rubbish before I'm gone.

Cael: Well, I think I'm finally ready to throw in the towel with this plant—

Drago: Save your breath. It was an empty gesture.

Cael: So what was our gift?

Drago: He was stretching the truth a bit. I wouldn't use the term 'gift' to describe the mail.

Drago: And stop digging through the goods before we can assess.

Cael: A mixed bag of spookiness. The ubiquitous Universal Monster and Pepsi teamup...Alien Queen...secret pumpkin sack. Hunchback trading cards are skirting the line though.

Drago: It gets better though. Free Stuff! Need I say more?

Cael: Please never say more. Now, I'm going to use this poster for some much needed flair around here.

Cael: And finally let's see what's in that secret pumpkin sack...

Drago: What sack?

Batticus: That was some sleight of hand. I was already out of the room when they opened the package too. Just have to be extra careful to stay on the down-low.

Batticus: What's that noise?


Batticus: Ahh! The heckhounds!


Big Pumpy: Look. Our fly friend has brought the latest countdown item.

Sands O'Time: What will it be? Riches, Treasure, Fortunes?

Big Pumpy: Those are all synonyms, but I do believe you may be on the right track.

Big Pumpy: And you nailed it!

Sands O'Time: Candy...

Sands O'Time: And a moth statue..

Sands O'Time: While I don't feel we've stuck gold, I'm still going to fight you for the monster gummies on account of my starvation. You can have the moth.