Halloween 2023 - Day 05



Catskills: La tee da..

Catskills: Beautiful. This will accent the corner very nicely.

Meow Mix: What is going on here!?

Catskills: I'm being the dutiful hubby and decorating the abode.

Catskills: We lacked some key decor after the recent rubbish removal initiative, so I took it upon myself to fill in the gaps.

Catskills: Recent Rubbish Removal... See. I know there was some alliteration to be had.

Meow Mix: I'll award points for that, but the eyeball plant needs to go. Nweow!

Meow Mix: I'll expect it gone within the fortnight.


Big Pumpy: Wake up!

Sands O'Time: What do you think 'yawning' indicates?

Big Pumpy: We've got some issues to work out.

Sands O'Time: Like why you got to use the pumpkin sack for a blanket.

Big Pumpy: No, not that. You got to eat, I got to sleep.

Big Pumpy: It's the countdown timer. I think we're hopelessly lost.

Sands O'Time: You're right. And I don't even think the '8' is supposed to look like that. Dark days are ahead.

Hedgekins: This is a pleasant surprise.

Hogbug: Is it? I see no food nor overpriced collectable.

Hedgekins: Oh, it's not sure us. The true prize is in the chaos.