Halloween 2023 - Day 10


Cael: Does he not know that we can see him plain as day?

Drago: He probably does, but it's never really made much of a difference in the past.

Cael: I suppose it wouldn't be so bad if he would just come out. It's been like 10 minutes, and he keeps singing Project Pitchfork songs.

Jeeves: Tick tock. Madness comes tonight.

Cael: Yes, yes. And you're here to stay forever, but not today.

Jeeves: The exit already melted away, and now there's nothing left to say.

Cael: What?

Hedgekins: Time to check on the make-a-wish kids.

Hogbug: All accounted for?

Hedgekins: Yep. As far as I can remember.

Hogbug: Are we allowed to mention the uptick in recent years?

Hedgekins: Nope, which will be mildly ironic since we just got a new influx.

Hogbug: Hrmph. It really wedged itself in there.

Hogbug: Any suggestions?

Hedgekins: Just give it a little jab.


Hogbug: That did it.

Hedgekins: Excellent. Time to get to work.

Hedgekins: Horrible. They're all skin and bones.

Hedgekins: Either that, or there's some arcane symbols that I need to decode.

Hogbug: No, that's viscera which lets us put their faces back on. Mildly distrubing in its own right, however.

Hedgekins: And according to this, the other side lets them stick to walls. Perfect for our space concerns. Might need it if there's another soda on its way some point this month.

Hedgekins: Perfect. It also says they glow. Hit the lights!

Hogbug: Does that mean the radiation is working?

Hedgekins: For its intended purpose? Not sure, but the aesthetics are hitting their mark.