Halloween 2023 - Day 11


Hedgekins: Spooky Scare Ge-le-tins...

Hogbug: Is it really that spooky?

Hedgekins: I assume so. Says it right here on the label. The FDA doesn't mess around when spookiness is on the line.

Hogbug: Looks more like a palette swap to me, if I was honest

Hedgekins: If you 'were' honest

Hogbug: Right-O

Hogbug: Why are there no cola gummies?

Hedgekins: I guess we're reaching our soda allotment for the month

Hogbug: That's a bummer

Drago: No really. Feel it. It's like Moss Man, but not tarnished by decades of neglect in a Xennial's attic.

Cael: Never will I lay a finger on that disgusting relic. Why is it here? There's not a single aesthetic that it matches.

Cael: Orange and Black. Maybe Black and White, GOP, or even that Teal phase that made the weird kids feel loved...but decrepit cemetery isn't something I feel dressing up my living quarters with.

Drago: Look, it's not for cosmetic purposes. It's cleaning up the mess left by others. Perhaps if we are patient, it will start to clean up messes that we DO make.

Cael: I suppose I could live with that. Just tell me when it's done, so I don't have to witness the final gulp.

Cael: Suppose we should start grabbing the rest and tossing them in biting distance.