Halloween 2023 - Day 16






! ! !

Drago: They really could have done a better job with those spider eyes. They're all droopy.

Cael: Well you revoke your right to complain when you call dibs first and get the Spider Donut over the chocolate jimmies.

Drago: I told you to stop calling them that.

Cael: Jimmies, jimmies, jimmies, cabinet, grinder.

Drago: Just eat up. We may not get anything else until we can steal the candy on the 31st.

Drago: Down the hatch!


Drago: What's this black magic?

Drago: It's all fuzzy and soft. Much like the rest of the food in the fridge.

Cael: Haha, the first shall be least.

Drago: Shush. You're no better off. Yours is gone too.

Cael: What?!





Hedgekins: Block Pops? What's this all about?

Hogbug: An unhealty obsession with right angles.

Hedgekins: Huh, wonder where they market them?

Hogbug: Probably on Telegram

Hogbug: Guess we'll stack them over there. Towers seem to be a recurring theme.