Halloween 2023 - Day 17





Drago: Anyway...

Jeeves: Anyhow...anywhere...

Jeeves: And other such 'anys'. I come bearing gifts.

Cael: And by gifts, you mean burdens, chores, and misery

Jeeves: Nonsense, my contributions are nothing but mirth and merriment. This will be a Value Added bonus to your lives.

Cael: They say the same about the VAT.

Cael: What's our task this time? Stick all the cards into a plastic sleeves every 15 years when they get brittle.

Drago: No, we play tricks or trade them. Seems like a one-sided arrangement to me.

Drago: Will anyone understand a plastic peanut reference right now?

Cael: Not a cut that deep.


Big Pumpy: La la la

Big Pumpy: Ahh, Spiders!

Sands O'Time: I told you to clean up around here! Now we're even more infested.

Sands O'Time: And even the quality of life of the vermin is at risk.

Sands O'Time: Time to take matters into my own hands. I've taken the liberty of getting this trap.

Big Pumpy: A lobster trap?

Sands O'Time: It's all that had on sale.

Sands O'Time: Just need to open the door and the big dumb animals will waltz right on in.

Sands O'Time: Well maybe not big ones, but moderately sized ones in any case.

Big Pumpy: Hey, I think you got something already

Sands O'Time: Seems I did. Curious.

Sands O'Time: Not what I had in mind, but a meal's a meal.