Halloween 2023 - Day 19


Drago: That doesn't even make sense.

Drago: This place gets more maddening by the moment. In other news, this sack feels lighter. What gives?

Cael: I filled it with the shredded paper and confetti, just to get it off the floor.

Drago: Wait, so what was in it originally?

Cael: Just some candy.

Drago: Is any left?

Cael: No, Mr. Birdy called dibs, remember?

Hedgekins: Now we've got a spicey arrival!

Hogbug: Because of the scoville rating?

Hedgekins: No, because this has a verified body count.

Hogbug: There's no way anyone died from eating one chip.

Hedgekins: Naturally, but it's driven up the resale value. Get ol' man jibberjabber. We're having an auction!

Meow Mix: Hmm, this looks familiar. Why do I have to be the only one who cleans up around here?

Meow Mix: Ew, it's just a tail. Gross, gross, gross.

Catskills: The other half is over here. I keep him around as a reminder of the pain of a lost friendship.

Meow Mix: An alligator is no one's friend

Catskills: Says you...

Catskills: Now if you don't mind. I have some banners to fly.

Meow Mix: That's not a banner, it's some old and tattered laundry. I'm drawing the line yet again.

Catskills: And yet again, here I am putting them up.

Meow Mix: It's a two person job, and don't think I'll be helping.

Catskills: Would I ever? I have a more capable set of legs anyway.

Eduard: I appreciate that...I think

Eduard: This section is't covering up anything important, is it?

Catskills: That would be a negative