Halloween 2023 - Day 22


Hedgekins: Part two in the holy soda trio

Hogbug: How do you know that? Did you get some information in advance?

Hedgekins: Perhaps...

Hogbug: Wait, we got the Sprite already. Does that not count?

Hedgekins: Nope, that was a bonus!

Hedgekins: Pseudo-profanity aside, I'm loving the artwork and color scheme.

Hogbug: Agreed. It's even sort of Teal, so we can play an extra trick on a few of the kiddies during Halloween proper.

Hedgekins: Oh there's a trick alright, but no one will be the wiser until All Souls' Day

Sands O'Time: Well that was a bust. We're out our fortune, and they trashed the place on their way out.

Big Pumpy: In fairness, that was just their attempt at saving a repeat visit

Big Pumpy: But not all is lost. A few of the less desireable packages weren't looted completely.

Sands O'Time: I can't sustain on carbon dioxide crystals, but I suppose I'm no worse off. I'll try to keep busy with some festive decor in hopes of forgetting my hunger pangs.

Big Pumpy: I'm liking the theme. Good choice buddy.

Big Pumpy: But it is a little more of a generic harvest schema. I guess it will have some longevity.

Trick or Treat!

Cael: It didn't work last year, and it won't work again. Shoo!

Trick it is, then...

Drago: What's that supposed to mean?

Cael: No idea. You know how how the zoomers are. Trolling is life.

Cael: Ahh, get it off, get it off!

Drago: I'm not touching that. I think it just needs a friend.

Drago: Was that supposed to be a dragon?

Drago: What are those claws donig? It already has arms on its body.

Cael: It's like the worst aspects of bat wings and mythological anatomy. 5/10