Halloween 2023 - Day 24


Eduard: And done. What do you think?

Catskills: It looks like the packaging, if nothing else.

Eduard: Where is the packaging? We can check.

Catskills: I threw it out already.

Eduard: Well that wasn't very forward thinking. Guess we'll just have a trial by fire.

Meow Mix: Hmmm

Meow Mix: Hmmm...

Meow Mix: Are you saying that I like eating mice?

Meow Mix: This is very disrespectful

Catskills: But she does like eating mice...

Cael: Morning at last. I can get away from this spotlight finally.

Drago: You know, you could have just flipped the switch

Drago: It's right on the side.

Cael: It was just out of reach, so I threw in the towel.

OwlPatch: Mail Call!

Cael: This is not a mail call. There's no packing supplies. It's just a drop off by Jeeves in order to spread chaos...and he couldn't be bothered to do it personally.

OwlPatch: I'll let him know you send your regards

OwlPatch: Tick tock, tick tock.

Cael: So are these flashlights or some sort of disco paraphernalia?

Drago: The latter if I had to guess.

Drago: Glad LR44 batteries were included, whatever those are, but what happens when they burn out?

Cael: We might be able to get some rest again

Hedgekins: Blue Corn!

Hedgekins: Bluetooth Candy Corn, rather

Hogbug: This is a fantastic new development. I wish it stood up though, and what's with the lanyard?

Hedgekins: It's so I can accessorize. How do I look?