Halloween 2023 - Day 25


Big Pumpy: We've reached the tipping point, my friend.

Big Pumpy: Even the rats are complaining about the mess.

Sands O'Time: And yet my concerns fell on deaf ears all month

Albertus Q. Fizzlehorn: Pardon me. Are you the dwellers of this establishment?

Big Pumpy: We are, by some twisted turn of events

Albertus Q. Fizzlehorn: Excellent. I've quit my dayjob to persue the luxurious lifestyle of a traveling salesman.

Albertus Q. Fizzlehorn: Perchance would you be interested in some potions? Or, rather, the raw ingredients. The FDA is on my tail, and I need to stay a half-step ahead if you get my drift.

Big Pumpy: We've all been there. I would...but we're lacking in the funds department.

Albertus Q. Fizzlehorn: Perhaps some bartering since another alphabet agency is hot in pursuit. I'd be willing to take a gummi pizza if it wouldn't be too much trouble.

Big Pumpy: We were saving this for Halloween trick or treaters, but they've gotten a bit too comfortable in their one-sided arrangement. It's all yours.

Albertus Q. Fizzlehorn: Splendid. I get to eat tonight.

Sands O'Time: Isn't that a novel concept. So what are we going to do with these?

Big Pumpy: I have no idea!

Batticus: So here's the spot. Feel free to make yourself at home.

Glowst: Wow, this sure beats prison

Cael: Excuse me. What do you think you are doing?

Batticus: Space is tight in this market, so we've had to lodge randos anywhere we can fit them.

Cael: Do we have a say in this matter?

Batticus: Not so much. Enjoy your stay, sir.

Drago: So since we're going to be packed in like sardines, do you bring anything to the table?

Glowst: Well I can glow, if that counts.

Cael: You work for the FBI?

Glowst: No, in the literal sense

Cael: Awesome...

Cael: Perfect complement to the rave going on below our feet.

Hedgekins: Get Down Goblin...!!!

Hogbug: Perfect choice, even after 100 times in a row. Pause it quick though—we have some spooky food.

Hogbug: Spooky noodles to be specific

Hedgekins: It comes with a fork. Now that's fancy!

Hogbug: Agreed. Only the finest.

Hedgekins: Nice


Hogbug: Even comes with the bag of goo