Halloween 2023 - Day 26


The Witch's...


Hedgekins: I told you the trio would be complete!

Hogbug: And the Sprite was a bonus

Hedgekins: I recall saying that as well

Hogbug: This one looks a little off...why are they different.

Hogbug: Ah, just as I suspected. This is from last year.

Hedgekins: Ah shucks, you found out the source of my advanced knowledge.

Eduard: I think it's time we broke out the big guns. Really take this seriously.

Catskills: Why didn't we just do that from the start and save some time and heartache?

Eduard: Oh skilly, do you nothing about the three stages of drama? It's the journey...

Catskills: I know plenty about drama, trust me.

Eduard: This is no time for play on words. We need to get these unwrapped and set up quickly.

Eduard: See. This dapper young gentlman will win the hearts of any lass.

Eduard: And here's a representation of her favorite household feline.

Catskills: Her pet?

Eduard: Exactly

Catskills: Ouch...

Eduard: A little pumpkin action, as alluded by the previous decoration

Eduard: And then...this... Think we should toss this one, so there's no mixed signals?

Catskills: I think that goes without saying

Drago: Jack-O...I didn't care for that movie

Cael: But it was a classic A-Pix flick!

Drago: It wasn't actually. You're thinking about Jack Frost or Uncle Sam

Cael: Oh, in that case, I hate it too

Drago: It was more the political undertones. Ahead of its times for all the wrong reasons.

Cael: Rest assured, I'll never watch it nor care

Glowst: Okay, welcome, welcome. There's plenty of room, so pick a corner.

Glowst: Only a few rules...haha...there are none! Let me know if you understand.


Glowst: Perfect

Glowst: Oh wow! You glow too!

Glowst: We'll all be so happy here!