Halloween 2023 - Day 29


Cael: You know how you're not supposed to run away from your problems?

Cael: Well, I'm running away from my problems. Follow me hither.

Cael: And no, you are not invited!

Drago: I'm going to have a seizure

Cael: Spaz out later. This is supposedly the best Ice Cream in town.

Drago: How many ice cream parlors do we have anyway? And from a food truck?

Cael: I could have left you behind, you know

Drago: But look at this line! It's going to take forever.

Cael: Well, it's not going to get any better if we don't join the queue. I'll have to remember to get the fastpass next time.

Whobert: I might s'cream' if this line were any longer.

Cael: No, no. Don't even think about making small talk while we're in line together.

Cael: Finally. Those kids couldn't pick a flavor if their lives depended on it.

Cael: I swear, the generational gap just keeps getting wider.


Jeeves: Thank you for your patience. How may I take your order?

Cael: You...what are you doing in an ice cream truck?

Jeeves: I'm serving the community in the most noble of fashions

Cael: The rental market is crashing, isn't it?

Jeeves: Perhaps that too.

Cael: Ah, nothing like a black raspberry cone.

Drago: I believe it was labeled as 'Purple Cow'

Cael: Let's play a game where we don't talk for the rest of the day. Deal?

Cael: I think it would —

This is just disturbing...

Drago: Agreed. Quite the odd decor around here.

Drago: That's the weirdest dog I've ever seen.

Drago: Ready to go back yet?

Cael: No...maybe just a little longer