Billy Blaze is an 8-year-old genius who builds a spaceship in his backyard. One night when the babysitter is asleep, he takes off for Mars. Unfortunately when he lands, critical parts to his ship are spread over the planet, and he needs to get them back in order to return home (before his parents).

I never had a Nintendo growing up, so this title became my 'Mario'. I had a friend whose brother would connect to BBS's and download the latest shareware. We'd meet after church and he'd often have a 3.5" floppy in hand with something new. Commander Keen followed a few noteworthy platformers like Captain Comic and Monuments of Mars. This game seemed so much more fluid though.

The game didn't have an end boss though, and I was unsure how to actually finish it. There were the Vorticons in several levels, but one of them elluded defeat since you couldn't shoot him. I figured that maybe I needed to beat all of the other levels, but you only actually needed to beat four of them (plus whatever blocked your path to get there).

Finally I figured it out and got back home before Billy's parents got home. The ending sequence was priceless, as he brought home one of the alien Yorps.