Legends of Fear

Shelton, CT

Website: https://www.legendsoffear.com/

Pricing: $60-94

Type: Haunt/Hayride

Setting: Indoor/Outdoor

Full Contact Option: No


Legends of Fear lives up to its name. It is massive with two main attractions to its name, either of which can be purchased on their own or as a combo ticket. Located on a farm that does some Christmassy things later in the season, the place is converted into a haunted gathering place where the bonfires keep you safe from the surrounding forest full of profane chapels, witch infested treelines, and a long decaying victorian manors. The occasional fireball curls up into the sky, letting you know what is coming once you get on the tractor cart.

While the option to buy separate tickets is available, it's usually appropriate to buy the pair so you an experience the complete package as you will get hints and sneak peaks for the other half during each. Outside the main attractions, there are plenty of opportunities for photos next to the firepit, the mock haunted house, and even some areas where you can pose with props. Some actors are here as well, who are also willing to be part of any photo op.

Once you grab your tickets, you can either enter the gate at one end of the property, or cross the street into the dimly lit forest. I usually opt for the hayride first, since the line can get lengthy, and it will also show you a bit of the walkthrough so you know what will be coming later on. The line is along the perimeter of the farm and depending on hor far you are in the season, there may be some entertainment while you wait. One time, there was a fire juggler, but another during opening weekend, there wasn't as much set up yet.

The hayride is rather long an goes through several set pieces. It starts with a barn facade, complete with propare fireballs that erupt and let you feel the heat of the blast. It continues to a pirate ship, where a ground laser lights up some fog, which gives a rather impressive impression of rippling water. It continues through a decorated forest and through a few more sets.

The Haunted Trail is admission on its own, but consists of five separate portions, each with its own theme ranging from cannibals, to witches, to morticians, to clowns. The forest setting helps wrap it together, and standalone structures bring you inside to cater more specifically to each narrative. The walking path is sufficiently long, and the level of detail is as high as they get.

Overall, anticipate spending the evening to get through everything. Arriving early helps, since between the lines, the hayride, and walking, it can take some time. Plus there's food and the bonfire when you're finished, so you can unwind after the main attractions.

Notable Moment




Everything from the homebase to the forest setup is saturated in spooky aesthetics. Nothing comes off as simply props or obvious facades. Details ranging from fireballs in the sky to the grimey mausoleum all add to the setting.


Legends of Fear ranks #1 here as the most expensive haunt, but unlike some that charge more because there are multiple attractions, the two offered are worth the price, and can stand on their own. The option to buy only one or the other is also on the table if one or the other isn't as appealing.


Most of the scares will be in the Trail portion. The actors in the woods setting blend in nicely and provide ample jump scares. Many of the indoor sets are intricate and creepy even without the actors' participation.