ps: type north/east/west/south or n/e/w/s
pps: try moving in unlisted directions for secrets or death
ppspsppspss: you can type 'look' and try to interact with whatever you see

Update History:
3/8/2021 - Added nav buttons
5/21/2019 - Set viewport tag for mobile. No new content.
5/4/2019 - Added basement
4/25/2019 - Removed need for jQuery since vanilla JS works just fine.
4/1/2016 - Converted to javascript for O-Review's April Fools front page
Removed scores, passage of time (and hence timeout), and changed Amy's room to the Oakley Room.
6/20/2006 - Added 'look' command to give hints.
3/17/2004 - Original version on the DCJ Forum.
Programmed in ASP Classic and had more locations, but also had inside jokes only my friends and I would understand.