Misc Music

Gravity Kills has been one of my favorite bands since I bought my first CD. Their Industrial Rock has stood for three solid albums.

It took a while to get to Nine Inch Nails, mainly because the radio play wasn't as frequent. I finally saw The Perfect Drug on MTV2, and then got the first few albums.

Stabbing Westward was neck in neck with Gravity Kills, and in some ways I love their first two albums a bit more. However the final two just weren't the same. Still a ton of good tracks though.

Fear Factory hooked me in with one of their tracks on the Mortal Kombat album. While I'm partial to the more brutal early albums, after a few slower releases I doo appreiate the recent ones.

KMFDM was an obsession from the 2000's and onward for a few years. I finally saw them in concert in 2003, but then it slowly faded a bit. Their brief disbanding didn't help, and I missed some of the earlier members. 1995-1997 was their prime lineup, and the song 'Anarchy' fits in well here.