Sim Lane:
I had long been a fan of the Sim-series starting with SimCity and then later SimEarth/Life/Ant/Tower. I had heard about 'The Sims', but hadn't paid too much attention to it. I was more into the First Person Shooters by then, so simulation games felt like something I passed by. However Oregano on the IRC chat convinced me to get a copy, so I figured why not.

Initially I made a house and then populated the town with other people from the IRC channels; some I liked, others I hated and hoped to die. Then the rest were just attractive women, because I certainly wasn't going to have any luck in real life.

Most of March - June 2000 was spent interacting with the neighborhood. Though a lot of that was in the first few days. It only took 3 days to get married, and then my mansion became a hangout spot. I didn't bother micromanaging the other families at their own places after that.

In June, I was promoted to an Astronaut and sort of just spent the remaining time until August playing the 'balance your friends to keep your social standing' game, which was one of the game's main flaws.
Family Name Address  
Evert (3/6/2000) Number 5 Sim Lane:
These were three sisters, two adults and the other a child. They were set to care for their younger sister, but her grades were just terrible, and she got shipped away.
Fools (3/6/2000) Number 7 Sim Lane:
Long after the drama in #half-life, new ones arose in #valve for some reason. Even though I had more pull there, one of the ops just wanted to be arrogant. I made a version of him here and had him act out his aggression towards everyone, so he was hated. Then I removed all the doors and he played on his computer until he peed himself to death.
Thombs (3/6/2000) Number 8 Sim Lane:
Here's my mansion of course. My goal was to eventually date facimile of someone I liked in real life, and it just seemed like a better idea to play it out in a game than actually talk to a live person. That didn't play out in the game, as my character ended up getting friendlier with Oregano (OM), then I proposed accidentally, got married, had a baby, and the baby was taken by the state. Tale as old as time.
Half-loaf (3/9/2000) Number 10 Sim Lane:
This was the house of Viscid, another IRC friend. He lived alone after Oregano moved out, but would often visit. I liked how his house turned out.
Quinn (3/16/2000) Number 6 Sim Lane:
Morgin was another IRC friend. He's roommated with 2 other attractive women, but I assume he remained a perfect gentleman. I can only assume since I saw them just when they visited. For some reason Marie dressed like a Greek goddess, but was an office worker. Tommy Girl was inspired by a poster we hung up when my brother turned the basement into a weight room. Even our man-space was PG rated.
Pleasant (6/3/2000) Number 7 Sim Lane:
The pleasant family (Diane, Daniel, Jennifer, Jeff) moved in about three months later into Nitro's house, who had previously died from lack of doors. They roamed around outside and mourned his grave, so I moved it out back so they wouldn't give him that much attention as often. Seemed they all died within the week, so I arranged all the gravestones in the front lawn.
Happie (6/7/2000) Number 7 Sim Lane:
The Happie family moved into the cursed #7 lot. Josue, Trinity from the Matrix, and their nerd son somehow removed the bottom floor, but kept the place intact. They all slept in one room, and I put the cemetery off in a gated area so it wouldn't bother people.