DCJ Movie Productions


January 27, 2002



John Heinz

Freelance Actor

24 Willow Lane

Middletown R.I. 05507


Dear Mr. Heinz:


Subject: Role Casting


 I would like to inform you of an available role in a recent DCJ Production. The movie is directed towards the action/adventure genre and will require much physical ability as well as talented acting. If you are unfamiliar with our Productions Company, I would like to give you a few ideas of what you might expect:


● DCJ’s movies are all low budget but well crafted.

● All the actors and actresses are well paid, receive excellent living quarters, and are provided with three catered meals each day.

● Our movies do not contain inappropriate material such as strong language.

● The experience of production is unique and educational.


If you accept, I would be honored to cast you into a major role. Having an actor of your status would be inspirational to us all. Further information will be provided if you are more interested in learning about the production. I would be grateful if you could reply to me either by E-mail, Fax, or a written letter.           







Christopher A. Thombs

DCJ Producer












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