October 6, 2002


DCJ Productions

Midnight Shadows


Cast: (*main characters)








Characters and/or Job

Dann – Emperor Namos, Filmer

Chris – Director

Jon – Tusk

Ben – Shinn-Rhe

Matt – Ziou-Shen Daru

Mike – Tsion Daru


Scene list:

  1. Tsion kidnapped
  2. Tsion turned evil
  3. Ziou-Shen turned evil (Important part of meditation credits)
  4. Meditation credits




Tusk, Shinn-Rhe, and Tsion are walking down a path. They are discussing the strategies of war. Tusk hears something in the forest coming near. Tusk and Shinn-Rhe form together to protect Tsion. Ziou-Shen walks into view.

Ziou “Tsion, I have been searching for you… brother”.

Tusk “He lost his brother many years ago”.

Ziou “Not all of him, some of me still lives, but… ahhhhhhhhh!!!”.

Ziou falls to his knees.

Shinn-Rhe “you should go if you know what is best for your brother”.

Ziou (now the demon)“what is best is your death and Tsion’s obedience to the Masked people”.

Tusk and Shinn-Rhe look at each other in confusion.

Tsion steps forth “You are right, leave them, it’s me you want”.

Tusk goes to stop him but he and Ziou-Shen are gone…







(Back on the Masked Planet. Tsion is sitting and Ziou-Shen is standing. They are in the forest. Ziou-Shen is keeping a watch out for an unknown enemy. Tsion is dazed.)


Ziou “Tsion, back are we?”

Tsion “What am I doing here? What do you want?”

Ziou “It is not what I want, It is the wish of the Emperor to have you fight on our side”

Tsion “Never!!!”

Ziou “I had thought that you might resist”


Ziou approaches Tsion, grabs his throat and lifts him I the air.  Tsion gasps trying to breath. Ziou-Shen brings his left arm over into thin air causing lense flares to circle around his hand.  A demon from the dark realm is then pulled into reality and forced into Tsion’s body. A Shot of Ziou’s face shows that his eyes are gone.  Tsion falls to the ground. He is in extreme pain, writhing on the ground.  Tsion’s pain then abruptly ends. He gets up looking like a hungry animal, his eyes are blank and cold.


Tsion “(raspy voice) Kill Christo”


Ziou-Shen smiles…





Ziou-Shen is surrounded by Zi’s and the Emperor. He appears scared and confused. 


Emperor:         Ziou-Shen…

Ziou-Shen:      Yes?

Emperor:         Actually, more like *how* you will help me. I have searched may lands for warriors with exceptional skill and natural talent. You match these characteristics perfectly, so I would like to offer you a position in my elite squad of Midnight Shadows.

Ziou-Shen:      I’m not sure I’m cut out for this type of duty. One needs to be descended from warriors…(confused, no longer scared) Who are you going to attack?

Emperor:         The Ductorians…I will destroy them with your help or without…if you are as smart as I know you are you’ll accept this offer while you still can.

Ziou-Shen:      Thinks about the choice for a moment But I am a Ductorian…why would I turn against my own?

Emperor:         Hah, I think you greatly underestimate the vulnerability of “your own” right now. Your great Juan-Zi Nobie will die by hands, and when he is gone, how do you think order will be sustained. The freedom fighters are nothing more than just that, they are not capable of leadership, but I am. Do you want to live in a world of chaos where your precious Ductorians cannot help you…look at you now, you’re a farmer when you should be a warrior. Surely you would not be so foolish as to turn down an offer such as this.

Ziou-Shen:      One thing I pride myself on is not being a fool, and I know the Ductorian way of life will never fall into chaos. My answer is no, and I will not continue this conversation, good day.

Emperor:         As you wish. Turns around. Not that it was an arguable option.


The Emperor tosses a glowing flare into the sky. As it flies away, Ziou-Shen continues working in the field. Something slowly appears in the sky above him a great distance away. For about ten seconds it gets marginally larger, but in the last second it travels to Ziou-Shen and knocks him down. Ziou-Shen writhes on the ground as this ghostly demon attacks him. One shot of Ziou-Shen on the ground from an upper angle being attacked and then another of his hand and another of his face, all being taken over by the demon’s soul. Ziou-Shen stands up into view with pure black eyes.





-Various scenes-


  1. Ziou and Tsion walking together
  2. Farming, Ziou-Shen captured and turned… Tsion watches in horror
  3. At the gravestone Tsion pays respects
  4. Finding his strengths (ideas… fight strength/strong strength/shows intelligence and virtue)
  5. Vowing revenge someday