Duct Wars IV

“Midnight Shadows”

Script for scenes to do


Beginning of the Movie:

Juan-zi Nobie narrates:  (Music “Drive by Apocalyptica”)


"Darkness is falling on the land of the Ductorians. A rise of evil, unlike any we have seen before, has become evident to our council. This will end in the war to end all wars. It is now that sacrifices must be made in order to keep our traditions alive for generations to come. For the Emperor is alive once more and I am too old to fight for my people. Our soldiers have died for these noble causes, to ensure the freedom of our people and defeat the looming darkness that threatens our very existence. The battle to come will test our every advantage, will exploit our every weakness, and will require every ounce of strength we have. It is now that the spirit of the Ductorians must rise and strike upon the evils that threaten us with overwhelming force..."


Visual: Juan-Zi Nobie is weak but trying hard to remain strong. It’s a narration so you don’t see him speaking. He is in a room; close up shots on tired eyes and shaking hands. Shots of him walking, etc that will fill up the speech. Some shots of white horses will be incorporated.  And some of the Emperor.

Where: Filmed either in Ochre Court or some other large nicely furnished room. The Residence of Juan-Zi Nobie.


The music will fade into “Path by Apocalyptica” 


Credits:   1-14 (Christo walking in forest…slow action)

 -               15-24 (Christo running, searching…)

  -              25-33 (Emperor and Zi’s)

   -             34-1:09  (Juan-Zi, emperor, christo, horses, emperor, Christo, Zi’sand more Zi’s, Christo) done in order.

1:09-1:27 (Meet & Fighting against Zi’s)

1:27-1:50   (Emperor walking, Zi’s Dead)


Credits will run as such:

From 1 second of Path to roughly 1:00 minute.

DCJ Productions… A Duct Wars Film… Midnight Shadows… Cast…


Fade out into the other scene where Emperor Namos gets Shlim and Mevik.







Tusk talks to Katano about his Journey.



Tusk: Katano. Do not tell the others but I fear that this war will decide many of our fates.


Katano: No fear my friend. We shall overcome this shadow that has fallen upon us.


Tusk: When I went to call upon Shinn-Rhe, I met a Midnight Shadow. He or it was unlike any enemy I have faced before; the coldness in its heart gave it a strange power. This battle will end in a total destruction of one of us.


Katano: (Slightly angered) We must protect our people. I cannot live knowing that I have not given everything that I posses in order to fight for their freedom… and their lives!


Tusk: I too feel that way, we all do. No one is going to let the Masked people claim victory.


Katano: Then let’s end it now….


(Close up on Katano’s face... Showing an angered emotion.) 


Where: Council Room at Hodges.



Dantin tests Mevik’s truthfulness.



Dantin: So... Mevik. You were able to earn the trust of Christo.   Now you must earn my trust. From my experience with the Masked Invader and the Silver Alien, nothing is what is seems.


Mevik: I assure you, we have more in common then you think. I too have suffered from the greed and hatred of the Masked People. I have seen what they have done to those they find less then themselves. They use and destroy, and I can no longer stand by and watch them tear apart the good that has been created.


Dantin: Mevik, I can see into your heart, it is not by words alone do we trust. I see too what Christo sees. A dark void healing slowing with the promise of a better future. Welcome to our world, Mevik…


Mevik: Thank you, sir.


Where: Council Room at Hodges




Juan-Zi Nobie Dies


This scene will be placed in the war scene right after Christo fights Emperor and gets injured. Juan-Zi’s death sparks a fire in Christo and makes him fight to his full potential.


As for what happens in the scene, this is more for John to decide.  Scene length will be about 30 seconds.




Quibaer Makes the “D-Blade”



Something along the lines of “check out this new item I have created…”

How it works, why it is useful, etc…

Christo, Katano, Tusk, Shinn-Rhe receive the D-Blade


Where: In the Hodges Laboratory.


The Battles


Tusk vs. Ziou-Shen Daru

This scene will be a fight in which Ziou-Shen can’t be killed by a saber and also shouldn’t be killed because he is possessed. Tusk must disable him and tie him up so as to save him later.


Christo vs. Tsion Daru

One of Christo’s hardest fought battles. He must fight his 2nd student named Tsion. He realizes that his first student died in battle and he cannot loose another. He must disable Tsion, in order to save him, but his guilt is his worst enemy. The demon in Tsion tries to mess with Christo’s guilt in order to destroy him. Christo realizes the only way to save the boy is to destroy the Emperor.    


Mevik vs. Kranus Skaltor and Zi’s

A battle between a large monster like killer and a newly changed warrior. Mevik dies but kills Kranus along with him.


Christo vs. Emperor

The ending fight. Christo enters the Realm of Aserine, and receives the strength of Juan-Zi Nobie and many other Powerful Warriors. 


Rig Haben vs. Sniper Zi



Sharouk vs. Kang Louta




Surviving Soldiers


Christo, Katano, Rig Haben, Tusk, Shinn-Rhe, and Dantin are seen walking away in a hard fought victory.


Short Clips that will be placed into the Casket Scene.



Dantin Ending Speech


It was a time, which we all knew would come… We fought hard, gave in to nothing, and let our spirits rise up above the darkness. We have lifted the veil of oppression that the Emperor placed upon us. Though we have lost many of our fine soldiers, friends, and Leaders we will take what we have learned from them and make a new world that will honor their the sacrifice they made.  With the passing of Juan-Zi Nobie, I am now accepting the great responsibility of leading the Ductorians to a new, bright future.  There will always be threats and darkness, but there will always be good to defeat them…


Visual: Dead Bodies are Mourned, Dantin Speeks, eding filler…

The bodies of Sharouk, Mevik, Shilm, and Tarouk are morned…






Casket Scene

Space Battle