Daniel Thombs
May 27, 1996

Our Lady of Fatima High School
Grade 10-1

The Good Earth
     Wang Lung hobbled away from his sons. His heart beating fast from the shock. If they sold the land, all his wealth would be gone. His sons said they wouldn't sell it, but could he trust them?
     The two sons smiled at each other.
     "Poor fool," said the elder, "he really thinks the land contains all the wealth."
     "Yes, but we have a better plan." said the younger.
     "Let us go sell the land." said the elder.
     The two sons of Wang Lung left to go into the town to sell the land. Later Wang Lung sat down at a table and looked out the window. He saw men in his fields walking around. They were not his laborers. Wang Lung ran out into his fields and called to the people.
     "What are you doing here?!" called Wang Lung.
     "We own this land now." replied one man.
     "No," gasped Wang Lung, "they couldn't have...they did...no." Pain shot through Wang Lung's arm. He fell onto the ground and lay still.
* * *
     His sons never knew. They were on a plane to Washington D.C.
     "We will become very rich as lawyers in the new world." said the elder son.
     "Yes very rich," replied the younger son, "I hope father took the news well."
* * *
     Wang Lung shook as he was thrown into his coffin.
     "Poor man, he didn't take the news well." said one man.
     "Nope." said another.
* * *
     At the airport the two sons looked around. Things were very different than in China. The building had two levels, the people were very light skinned, and it seemed that everything was made out of silver or a hard clear material.
     They left for the office of Brian Cuhna. In the waiting room the saw a box the had a moving picture on it.
     "It was a bad accident, Kevin will be out of work for a long time." said a girl.
     "Will you be able to make it without him?" said the father.
     "Daddy! I just don't know!"
     "You're going to need a good lawyer."
     "Well there's your brother..."
     "No no, he handles real estate. You need a lawyer that's going to handle this and win. Brian Cuhna is the lawyer you need."
     The next scene showed Brian Cuhna giving orders.
     "You measure skid marks, you find out his driving records, you get me some coffee. I think we'll win this one."
     "You may come in now," said a voice. It didn't come from the box but from the door to the office.
     The two brothers walked in and saw a man. He looked normal, but there was something strange about him.
     "Hello! What do you want?" said Brian.
     "Well, we want to become lawyers, and we would like for you to show us to how to become ones.
     The elder threw a handful of silver on the desk.
     "Well, this is different. Of course I will help you." said Brian.
     The two brothers became very successful lawyers and lived in enormous wealth for the rest of their lives.
     "Ha! Land isn't the only way to become rich." said the elder.
     "Yep." said the younger.