Daniel Thombs
September 13,1995

Our Lady of Fatima High School
Grade 10-1


     My life started when I was born. I can't remember much of the first year and a half. All I can remember is various times. At this time I lived in Oakham, Massachusetts. I lived there for 5 years. There I had 13 acres of land and forest. I had lots of fun there, but then I had to move to Rhode Island. My family looked at many houses. My brother was only two at the time and was a little tired of traveling so much. We finally decided on a two story house in Middletown.

     It was here that I started school. I was at a new place and I didn't know anyone. Slowly I made some friends. After the years went by I got more friends. By fifth grade I had a lot of them, and then my parents made me go to another school. I didn't really like this school, this is where I became very shy. I only knew one person and I only hung out with him so I didn't meet many other people. I met one other person who was new at the time. He became my best friend. 6th, 7th, and 8th grade were the hardest school years of my life. They pepared me for Fatima though.

     Once in Fatima I found it easier. I didn't make any friends there either. I got good grades there and made the honor role. After four years I got out and went to collage. In collage I majored in computer science. Most of the computer classes were easy. After collage I heard news that Japan had found a huge uranium deposit. Soon after Many major countries including America went to war over the uranium. The war lasted many years. Every country in the war decided to drop hydrogen bombs on Japan to get the uranium. Several months later they put this plan to action. When they did this all the particles went into the air. This caused a nuclear winter to happen. Everyone in the world started to flock the equator. The rest of the world north of the Equator was too cold to live in.

     I went to the government to tell them that there is a possibility that humans could all move to Titon, a moon of Jupiter. They said that it just might work. A week after that they were ready to go. We packed some food but the crew would be put under suspended animation for most of the trip. So I set off. Months later, which seemed like one night to me, we were at Titon. The planet was barren. It was covered with ice. It was worse than earth. The crew and I set on our voyage home. When we finally got to Earth we found that no one was there. They had all starved. I knew it was only a matter of time before we were next.