“Rogue Entity”


Characters & Descriptions:

Dann Thombs as General Hank W. Scott

-       A powerful General in a secret section of the military. Well dressed, and very smart, he has only one thing to protect; the new project. When Bishop becomes aware of the drug, Scott will stop at nothing to stop Bishop quickly and quietly.


Chris Thombs as Dominick Ryu / Capt. Ryu

-       Third in his class at Yale University, avid gymnast, wushu artist, and gear head; Dominick knows there is nothing he can’t accomplish. His motto “If it’s broken I can fix it… and If it’s fixed I can use it”, drives him to accomplish and excel at everything he puts his mind into. A good guy and pacifist by nature, Dominick will make peace rather than war.


John Heins as Joseph Angell / Capt. Angell

-       Valedictorian at Yale University, Angell knows that brains is not everything. A master of Jiu-jitsu, and leading member of mensa, he proves there is no limit to the human ability.  Always calm under any situation, he is a natural leader and role model.


Jon Barlow as Arthur Bain / Capt. Bain

-       Second in his class at Yale University Bain seeks excellence in academics and athletics and allows nothing more. Placing himself in every activity he can, Bain accepts nothing less than first. His is both the bitter competitor and good friend to Angell and Ryu.  He is an aggressive fighter and kick boxer. A tough guy and a fair sportsman, Bain is not one to mess with.


Ben Grace as Daniel Bishop

-       Disorganized computer hacker. Intelligent, but not street smart; a good guy that wants to reveal the truth to the world but can’t.


Mike Barnes as Bernard Ralls

-       A well-educated Military man and advisor to General Scott, Ralls bears the pressure of the project. He is a man who hides his opinions and obeys his orders to perfection. Organized and thorough, Ralls leaves no stone unturned; and when he sets his mind to something, it will be completed… one way or another.


Amy Thombs as Robin

-       Sister of Daniel the Hacker. Robin is the confidant of Daniel as the project is discovered. Acting as a second opinion and unparalleled code breaker, Robin is willing to do anything for the safety of her brother and the world. She is a giving person and a brilliant individual; she places others before her own, and is able to think fast and effectively.





Rogue Script:

Tuesday, June 11, 2006


Laboratory scene, a scientist is creating a volatile chemical. Brief credits.

Chemist: “I am done!”


A figure appears in the background, a gun is fired.

Gen. Scott: “Yes… Yes you are…”


Chemist falls, and the chemistry is picked up.



Thursday, June 13, 2006 {3:45 P.M.}


A hacker is seen searching thorough data. On the screen, you can see that he is not where he belongs. Hacker Ben stumbles across something he shouldn't know. That the Govt. has attained a mind control drug that is traceless and virtually harmless to its victim.

Hacker: “Now this is information I can use…”


He dials a nearby phone.

Hacker: “You better get out your checkbook. I have some information for you, something so secret .”


Code begins printing…


Thursday, June 13, 2006 {3:50 P.M.}


A Government office receives the news that they have been hacked.

Bernard: “General, our mainframe has been hit. I am locating the intruder as we speak. How do you want to deal with this?”


General: “This couldn’t have come at a worse time.” (Wipes his face) “Find out who is responsible, and destroy the stolen records. As for the hackers, we can’t allow thieves to roam free. Send out the eraser team.” 


Bernard: “The eraser team? We are dealing with hackers, blowing them to chunks isn’t going to get us very far. This needs to be dealt with in a careful and thoughtful manner.”


General: “Hum. Maybe you’re right, it did take months to clean up after the last eraser mission.” A thoughtful expression forms on his face, and turns to a grin. “I have an idea that will kill two birds with one very expensive stone…” General holds up a vile of liquid.



Thursday, June 13, 2006 {4:30 P.M.}


3 students leave a college building.  Angell, Ryu, and Bain. 

Bain: “So how do you think you did?”

Angell: “This isn’t a contest.”

Ryu: “Keep telling yourself that, and one day you just may wake up to see one of us speaking to the graduating class.”

Bain: Laughing, “I plan to…”

Angell: “That um… Sorry. That won’t happen.”


Everyone laughs... they get into their cars and drive off.



Thursday, June 13, 2006 {4:45 P.M.}


In a meeting room, many people in suits have their attention focused on General Scott.

Suit 1: “So what is this plan that is so urgent?”


General Scott places a tube of green liquid on the table. Fear and confusion is in the eyes of the suited people.

General: “This! Is my plan.”

Suit 2: “And what exactly is that?”

General: “This my friends is the future, it is control. This is the answer to the chaos that we live in. No more will we wake up to find ourselves with decisions, with fears.”

Suit 1: “So you plan to control the minds of the human race? I think I have had enough.”

General: “Leave and you will die, and to answer your question my good friend, no. I do not plan to control the world. I am here talking to you because of a problem I would like to solve.”

Suit one shifts in his/her seat uncomfortably.

General: “The problem is… that this wonderful control is no longer a secret between us. We were hacked not even an hour ago. Now an issue of this magnitude would normally be moved to the eraser squad.” Suits all look uncomfortable. “But… I have different plans. I am going to create a team of civilian hit men using this wonderful new technology.”

Suit 2: “Who are the civilian targets for the team?”


General laughs, and takes out a magazine from his briefcase. The magazine (opened) is tossed onto the table. An article of three Yale students entitled “Having it all” is the focus. The suits scammer to read and understand the article.





Thursday, June 13, 2006 {4:45 P.M.}


Daniel Bishop calls his sister on her cell.

Robin is out somewhere random.


Bishop: “Hey, The cat isn’t in the house.” SUBTITLED Urgent! I have something for you to break.

Robin: “Did you check the porch?” SUBTITLED this a government affair?

Bishop: “Yeah”

Robin: “Hold on, I’ll come home.” SUBTITLED I’ll be right there.


Thursday, June 13, 2006 {4:50 P.M.}


General talks to Bernard and gives his orders.


General: Send out the eraser squad to catch these students. Remember to tell them that we don’t want to injure the students too badly.

Bernard: As good as done sir. 




Thursday, June 13, 2006 {5:30 P.M.}


Eraser Squad goes to pick up the students. Eraser squad is 3-4 black suited men. Each eraser has a pen with an injection device that will knock out the students.   Music is the only thing heard except for sound effects.




Mike Erwin

Extra I

Extra II










Friday, June 14, 2006 {3:00 A.M.}


Dream training sequence, Instructions given, mission training etc…



Friday, June 14, 2006 {5:00 P.M.}


The students open their eyes; Hacker Ben and Robin lay on the ground. Robin is alive near the dead hacker.


The students stand confused and scared. They stare at the hacker and back up looking for an exit.


Ryu: “What is going on?”


A man comes out of the distance, General comes forth smiling.


General: “Spectacular performance.  It usually takes years to build the kind of killers you all have become in just a few hours. I am very proud of you. Now, back to business, I would like to know of any side effects or experiences of the new drug you have been gifted with.”


Angell steps forward to fight the General. Bain stops him.


Bain: “Let me.”

General: (Laughing) Take another step Bain and you won’t live to take another.


Bain and the others look around.


General: “See Bain, you are a very smart young man. I would hate to see you and your friends waste their lives in jail for such a petty crime.”

Ryu: “Petty?? We took a man’s life, at least I think we did…”

Angell: “Dominick, no… It wasn’t us”

General: “ha-ha, of course it was you. And you will go to jail. Unless of course you come work for me.”

Angell: “Work for you?”

General: “The name is Ralls, General Ralls. I am the leader of the special projects division covering terrorism, top-secret government theft, and biological warfare. I am here to offer you a job.”


Angell nods in agreement…


Story Summary.


Deep in the government labs and new drug is created, so secret that only a team of 10 people know about it its origin.  The “rogue entity” serum designed by Dr. Walter Zerger, alters the neuronal perception of a human’s anterior cingulated cortex allowing the person to be open to mind control.   When one of the government officials in charge of the project learns that the drug is in its last stage of development, he leads a team of ex-seals called “the erasers” to steal the drug and destroy all evidence of its creation. 


Deep in the lower levels of the pentagon the drug now resides with a group of top-secret government officials torn between decisions of its fate. The leader General Scott finally makes the decision to make the drug obsolete but faces much opposition from the eraser team that risked their lives to retrieve it.  The eraser team, led by Major Bernard Ralls, wants to put the drug into effect and bring it into military combat and top-secret missions. General Scott wins the argument and the drug is stored and erased…


1 month later…


An infamous computer hacker, Daniel Bishop, discovers the Rogue Entity’s only existing recorded file. The file, which is coded, appears as pages of random numbers, letters, and characters.  Bishop realizes that anything coded so extravagantly must be of extreme important and secrecy. Saving the file to disk, Bishop brings the file to his friend Robin, a gifted code breaker and conspiracy theorist. 


Bernard Ralls is working on the computer while Bishop is hacking the system. Ralls soon discovers that the system is being hacked and calls for General Scott. Scott arrives and gives the order to the erasers to locate and destroy the hacker.   


When Robin sees the code she gets to work decoding it. Daniel impatiently watches.  When she figures out the code she discovers that it is a lab document of a newly developed mind control drug. Bishop gets on the phone with someone and sets up a meeting.


 General Scott, depressed about the hacker’s discovery, agrees to let Bernard run the mission. Bernard decides that the drug should be tested and used to destroy the hacker. He makes a plan to test the drug by sending the erasers out and chosen controlled people out to find the Hacker, who ever finds the hacker first, wins. Bernard ponders who should be chosen when he sees an article in a magazine covering three students at Yale, which are said to “have it all.”


The three students at Yale are Dominick Ryu, Arthur Bain, and Joseph Angell.  They are the top 3 students at the University and are proficient in martial arts and numerous activities and athletic skills.  They are competing for the top academic placement but are very good friends and very personable young men.  


General Scott calls Bernard and gives him the instructions to the plan. He tells him to send out the eraser team to capture and inject the students with the Rogue Entity, after they are injected they will be given their mission. Once they receive their mission, the games begin. 


Bain, Ryu, and Angell are on the campus when they see the eraser team. Knowing they are in some type of danger they do their best to resist but the erasers are much too experienced in combat. 


The students receive their mission in a dream like state. They are given the objective: find the hacker that knows about the Rogue Entity.  


Bernard goes back to the headquarters and tells the General that the students have been successfully drugged and they are on their mission as they speak. Ralls gives the order to send out the eraser team.


The students wake up, dress, and meet. Angell takes charge and begins hacking, within a reasonable amount of time he locates the user that hacked into the pentagon database.  Ryu and Bain are standing motionless. 


Bernard is seen on the computer trying to locate the hacker.