Rogue Entity

A DCJ Production


Summary Outline


Deep in the government labs and new drug is created, so secret that only a team of 10 people know about it its origin.  The “rogue entity” serum designed by Dr. Walter Zerger, alters the neuronal perception of a human’s anterior cingulated cortex allowing the person to be open to mind control.   When one of the government officials in charge of the project learns that the drug is in its last stage of development, he leads a team of ex-seals called “the erasers” to steal the drug and destroy all evidence of its creation. 


[Wednesday, May 17, 2006]

Deep in the lower levels of the pentagon the drug now resides with a group of top-secret government officials torn between decisions of its fate. The leader General Scott finally makes the decision to make the drug obsolete but faces much opposition from the eraser team that risked their lives to retrieve it.  The eraser team, led by Major Bernard Ralls, wants to put the drug into effect and bring it into military combat and top-secret missions. General Scott wins the argument and the drug is stored and erased…


1 month later…


[Tuesday, June 19, 2006]

An infamous computer hacker, Daniel Bishop, discovers the Rogue Entity’s only existing recorded file. The file, which is coded, appears as pages of random numbers, letters, and characters.  Bishop realizes that anything coded so extravagantly must be of extreme important and secrecy. Saving the file to disk, Bishop brings the file to his friend Robin, a gifted code breaker and conspiracy theorist. 


Bernard Ralls is working on the computer while Bishop is hacking the system. Ralls soon discovers that the system is being hacked and calls for General Scott. Scott arrives and gives the order to the erasers to locate and destroy the hacker.   


When Robin sees the code she gets to work decoding it. Daniel impatiently watches.  When she figures out the code she discovers that it is a lab document of a newly developed mind control drug. Bishop gets on the phone with someone and sets up a meeting.


 General Scott, depressed about the hacker’s discovery, agrees to let Bernard run the mission. Bernard decides that the drug should be tested and used to destroy the hacker. He makes a plan to test the drug by sending the erasers out and chosen controlled people out to find the Hacker, who ever finds the hacker first, wins. Bernard ponders who should be chosen and makes his decision when he sees an article in a magazine covering three students at Yale, which are said to “have it all.”


The three students at Yale are Dominick Ryu, Arthur Bain, and Joseph Angell.  They are the top 3 students at the University and are proficient in martial arts and numerous activities and athletic skills.  They are competing for the top academic placement but are very good friends and very personable young men.  


General Scott calls Bernard and gives him the instructions to the plan. He tells him to send out the eraser team to capture and inject the students with the Rogue Entity, after they are injected they will be given their mission. Once they receive their mission, the games begin. 


Bain, Ryu, and Angell are on the campus when they see the eraser team. Knowing they are in some type of danger they do their best to resist but the erasers are much too experienced in combat. 


The students receive their mission in a dream like state. They are given the objective: find the hacker that knows about the Rogue Entity.  


Bernard goes back to the headquarters and tells the General that the students have been successfully drugged and they are on their mission as they speak. Ralls gives the order to send out the eraser team.


[Wednesday, June 20, 2006]

The students wake up, dress, and meet. Angell has a cell phone. They receive a call telling them to return to headquarters.


Bernard is seen on the computer trying to locate the hacker.  The three students are standing near him. Bernard locates the hacker’s general region.  Bernard then calls the eraser squad. The chase begins.  The students head out.


2 cars are seen racing towards a certain location. The students get there first and Daniel is walking towards the house at the same time.  When Daniel sees the students get out he knows it involves him and he turns and steals a nearby motorcycle.  The motorcycle out maneuvers the car and the car/bike chase is over.  The students park on the roadside.


The erasers go into the house and storm it. They find no one.  Robin is in the house but escapes their search.


The students decide to chase the hacker on foot, they begin following and find the motorcycle abandoned near an abandoned area.  


The erasers call Bernard and give the status. Bernard tips them off to where the students are located. The erasers head off.


The students search for Daniel all over the area. All the students then begin having side effects from the drug, their nervous system and motor functions become erratic and slowed.  Ryu finds bishop, draws forth a weapon and falls to his knees.  He is unable to perform his mission because the drug is not powerful enough to corrupt his moral code.


Erasers are in the distance watching, they are confused by Ryu’s inability to complete his mission, and as they view Angell and Bain, it is evident that they are suffering strange side effects. 


Bishop is sniped by one of the erasers. The sniper calls in to the general, and tells him that he completed the mission. He also tells the general to destroy the drug.


[Friday, July 29, 2006]


An Alarm sounds. The general is told by Bernard that foreign hackers have stolen secret information. The general sends out the trio.


Ending credits show the three students preparing for another mission…